“Doorway to the Future” Capital Campaign





Crossroads School is an accredited, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit school designed to address the educational needs of children with Learning Differences such as: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalcula, mild development disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders and children who have not performed well in traditional school settings.  At Crossroads, they are given the academic and social support that they need to reach their highest potential.  Students attend from Houston and the surrounding metropolitan areas including Sugar Land, Spring, Pearland, and Katy. Crossroads School was created in 1977 in a remodeled 1960’s home in the Galleria area. All nine classrooms are still in use today with a maximum enrollment of 72 students.THE OBJECTIVE:
To raise the funds required to create and build a new campus which will support the Crossroads School mission and facilitate innovation and expansion.THE GOAL:
The goal is to raise $7.9 million over three years. This sum covers: purchase of land, a sustainable multi-use, indoor/outdoor building, FF&E, two playgrounds, parking garage and a sustainability budget.THE NEED:
We have come to a point were our much loved homelike campus can no longer meet our requirements.Necessity has dictated the construction of a new campus. In doing so, more students with Learning Difficulties will be able to receive a quality ‘Crossroads education’ in an inviting and supportive physical environment. Additionally, the efforts and excellence of our teaching faculty will be significantly better supported.Our new campus will:

  • Be an “outside of the box” facility, offering specialized spaces and tools and technology specifically designed to meet the needs of children with Learning Differences.
  • Allow for an increase of our student body from 70 to 104 students.
  • Will accommodate the school’s requirements well into the twenty-first century.

With the help of Fuqua Designs and Construction Inc., the architectural plans are underway for a new facility which includes:

  • 24,500 sq. ft.
  • 13 Classrooms
  • Specialty Art and Science Rooms
  • Extended Library/Media Center
  • Inside/Outside Auditorium
  • Outside Educational Spaces for general use and individual classrooms
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Resource Rooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • 1 Full Teaching Kitchen
  • 2 Play/Learning Areas
  • Parking Lot

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For additional information, please contact Raana Bell, Director of Advancement at
(713) 977-1221.




Thank you to all of those who are donating to our capital campaign. Your donation is helping us reach a new pinnacle in our school’s history. Every donation makes an impact and we truly appreciate your generosity. We cannot wait to walk through the doorway to our future with you.

We would like to recognize the following donors for their support:

Fondren Foundation

$100,000 – $499,999
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Heinz
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Schroeder
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Shannon

$50,000 – $99,999
Castex Foundation
Egbert Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Mick Cantu
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Deery
Mr. & Mrs. Judson Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Marvins
Mr. Charles Shook

$25,000 – $49,999
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

$5,000 – $24,999
Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Apache Deepwater LLC
The Child of Grace Foundation
Covington Adams Development Group LLC
Fred & Mabel Parks Foundation
International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association
Russell Landscaping of Georgia, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalo Arjona
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Marable
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Meadows
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Plotkin
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Tabor

$1,000 – $4,999
Denman Foundation
Frederick R. & Jane I. McCord Family Foundation
Mrs. Martha Ainsworth
Mr. & Dr. Seth Alberts
Dr. Gila Arnoni
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bell
Dr. Sally Downy & Ms. Sharon Jacobs
Mr. Mark Endacott Gregg
Ms. Sukey Fenoglio
Ms. Carol Garnett
Mr. & Mrs. Ardon Judd
Mr. Max Levit
Ms. Sharon Prentice
Mr. & Mrs. David Walker

Up to $999
Flame Seal Products
J. McLaughlin
Bret & Judy Stanley Fund
JMB2 Architecture Inc.
Sharney Foundation
Team Riddle
Ms. Linda Addleman
Mr. & Mrs. David Allen
Ms. Millicent Andrus
Mr. Basel Asi
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Aviña
Mr. Benjamin Bannon
Ms. Greta Bernitz
Ms. Roberta Bernstein
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Berry
Mrs. Bertha Bodenheimer
Ms. Mary Bradley
Mrs. Lorena Briel
Mrs. Elizabeth Bunk
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Clark
Mrs. Debra Dade
Mr. Wendell Davis
Mrs. Tina Doughty
Ms. Shannon Drake
Mrs. Cecilia Edwards
Mr. Obi Ehieze
Ms. Donna Ermis
Mr. Aaron Feldman
Mrs. Kari Findley
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Finley
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Fleming
Ms. Sandy Francis
Mrs. Joan Gittleman
Dr. Barbara Gordon
Ms. Pamela Gray
Mrs. Jessica Gregg
Ms. Lisa Guggenheimer
Ms. Dede Hill
Ms. Beverly Horton
Ms. Lisa Hough
Ms. Shannon Burke Huff
Mrs. Julia Humphreys
Ms. Cindy Ivanhoe
Mrs. Allison Jordan
Ms. Cindee Klement
Ms. Karen Krail
Ms. Neice Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Levin
Ms. V. G. Levine
Ms. Cindy Levit
Mr. Davis Lewis
Ms. Cynthia Lin
Mrs. Bayard Linbeck
Ms. Tevia McLaren
Ms. Jennie Mitchell
Mr. Greg Neely & Mrs. Elena D’Iorio
Ms. Gloria Parrino
Mr. John Parsley
Ms. Mary Majors Payne
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Peterson
Mrs. Leah Ragiel
Ms. Catherine Randall
Ms. Misty Roeder
Mrs. Marcie Rosen
Mrs. Sally Brown Russ
Mrs. Emma Sall
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Scarcella
Ms. Natalie Seyerle
Mrs. Dana Sneed
Ms. Jean Claire Turcotte
Ms. Jennifer Wallace
Mrs. Martha Woulfe