School Population

About Our School Population

Crossroads School accepts students with Learning Differences ranging in age from Kindergarten to 10th grade.  Most of the students attending Crossroads School have multiple learning differences. These learning differences can affect their ability to express themselves verbally, or their ability to see and hear. Other areas that are often affected are their attention span and problem solving abilities.




Predominantly, our student’s diagnoses include:

    • Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia
    • Attention Deficit Disorders
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Mild Tourrettes
    • Mild Asperger’s
    • Mild developmental disorders
    • “Late bloomers”
    • Children who have not performed well in a traditional school setting
    • Learning Differences due to medical conditions
    • Learning Differences due to pre-adoption circumstances